About Me

Billy Rich

Dear Sir or Madam

May I introduce myself, my professional name is Billy Rich, vocalist, entertainer. I perform and am available for hire at competitive rates for events, pubs & bars and other venues. I have performed at various venues and events in England and Spain.

I have recently returned to England but share my time in Spain. I am Kent based Uk, Torrevieja based Spain
East End of London,cockney born singer.

You may have booked artists, for the forthcoming year, and attractions, such as Mothers Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. If you require a Singer for any of these forthcoming attractions, or indeed any other occasion, I am available (unless previously booked). I have quite a large repertoire, including, Lounge and Dinner songs.
Easy listening, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Swing, Country and Western, and Sentimental ballards.

My normal program consists of ‘two sets approximately 50 minutes,
covering 15/16 songs, but can be extended, if need be to include an
extra set or encore. It can also be shortened, for Care homes, or to
accommodate other artistes.

Many genres, ”Rat Pack, Ballads,Rock ‘n Roll, Reggae & Ska, Soul & Motown, Country & Western. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebrations. Able to work indoors or outside, garden parties, etc. Restaurant, Bars & Clubs, full 3 set programme, catering for full or part day/evening/afternoon performance.

I have advertising posters and flyers and am prepared to audition if need be. Fees can be negotiated, I fully understand that some venues struggle,
when you have to pay for entertainment on top of normal expenses.

Fully Licenced and insured & pat tested, I can supply all my own equipment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this communication, and I look
forward to your response.
Best regards, Billy Rich.

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